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        Ürün ailesi bilgileri

        Range of Blue glow switch starters for igniting fluorescent lamps with electromagnetic ballast2-pin igniter in plastic (flame-retardant polycarbonate) canister and radio-interference suppression capacitor


        Premium quality ensures trouble-free operation; extremely low early replacements reduce maintenance costs
        Safe end-of-life behaviour prevents safety issues
        Redesigned canister top with a special notch; easy to install and replace with a screwdriver or with improved grip reducing installation time and cost
        Flame-retardant components for additional security
        Easily distinguished from counterfeit starters by specific shape with narrowed top, embossed range information and indented pins (patent-protected design)
        UV-resistant canister protects against unsafe conditions


        Premium reliability with less than 100 early failures per million products (<100 ppm)
        Premium reliability with 12000 swiches guaranteed
        Secure, safe and fast ignition on both inductive (L) and capacitive (LC) lighting systems acc. to IEC 60155
        Controlled preheating of the lamp filaments and sufficient pulse voltage for longer lamp life (>25% compared with cheap starters)
        Canister shape designed for a better grip while installing and replacing the starter
        Blue insulation plate to identify these lead-free and radioactive-free environment-friendly starters
        Special printing for visual distinction between S2 and S10


        Starter replacement recommended when replacing fluorescent lamps


        Ignition of fluorescent lamps of all brands with conventional electromagnetic ballasts using TL-D (T8), TL (T12), TL mini and PL-L lamps
        S2 starters are suitable for 110/130 V 4-22 W single applications, 220/240 V 4-6-8-15-18-22 W single applications and 220/240 V 4-22 W series applications. It is recommended for 220/240 V 18 W single applications for optimal performance
        S10 starters are suitable for 220/240 V 13, 4-65 W single applications. It is required for 220/240 V 13 W single applications
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