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Pacific LED Green Parking – combine safety with savings

Pacific LED Green Parking

Pacific LED Green Parking

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    Lighting is needed in parking garages to provide safety and guidance. However, because it is not possible to predict exactly when light will be needed, the lighting is often left on. As a result, lighting energy costs can be as high as 70% of the total operational costs of a parking garage. Based on the newest LED technology and optics, Pacific LED Green Parking with presence-detection controls is an innovative, flexible and fully retrofit system for parking operators who want to reduce their energy consumption and the related CO2 emissions – without compromising the safety and comfort that lighting offers parking garage users.


    Energy savings of up to 80% compared to fluorescent are achievable, without compromising on safety
    Fully retrofit system, no need for new cables; easy commissioning with self-addressing
    Full system warranty; service offer possible for 10 years guarantee


    Latest LED technology and optics
    Energy-efficient, and extended system lifetime due to dimming capability – ensuring good return on investment
    Robust components and system
    Easy installation due to wireless controls, sensors and easy commissioning with self-addressing
    Offered as a complete system only


    Parking garages
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