Designed for incandescent reflector or halogen replacement in the shape of PAR38

PAR38 Downlighter ESaver

PAR38 Downlighter ESaver

Ürün ailesi bilgileri

Energy-saving lamp for incandescent reflector replacement or halogen replacement, in professional or home applications


Increased comfort due to lower heat emission than incandescent or halogenlamps
Save your money with long life-time and high energy efficiency compare to incandescent lamp
Lower total cost of ownership than PAR38 incandescent / halogen reflector lamps


High light intensity in a specific direction (PAR38)
Longer-life alternative to conventional incandescent or halogen lamps
Waterproof luminaire
Not suitable for dimming and electronic devices


Replacement of incandescent or halogen PAR38 reflector lamps in professional applications (hotels, restaurants, shops, museums, exhibitions)
Interior applications such as window displays, downlighting; exterior applications such as decorative outdoor lighting (e.g. gardens, statues), floodlighting, facade lighting
Not suitable for accent lighting, or for use under water unless in a waterproof luminaire
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