OptiFlood – compact and complete solution

OptiFlood Mini MVP504

OptiFlood Mini MVP504

OptiFlood Mini MVP504

  • OptiFlood – compact and complete solution

    • Environment-friendly asymmetrical floodlighting systems for general area lighting as well as security and industrial area lighting
    • Best-in-class optical system for accurately controlled light distribution to prevent uncontrolled stray and spill light
    • Compact shape and pleasing design allows OptiFlood to be used in settings where design and appearance are just as important as technical performance


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Ürün ailesi bilgileri

Philips has a long tradition of excellence in environmentally friendly asymmetric floodlighting systems for sports and general area lighting as well as architectural applications. OptiFlood’s extremely efficient, best-in-class optical system provides an accurately controlled light distribution – total light cut-off above the horizontal and a peak beam intensity at high angles – keeping obtrusive light to a minimum. Both the MVP504 and MVP506 versions are available with two types of reflector – asymmetric or road-lighting POT optics – for flexibility in application. They can also accommodate CosmoPolis metal-halide lamps for good color rendering, high-pressure sodium lamps for economical operation, and MASTERColour CDM Elite MW lamps for highly efficient lighting with longer-lasting white light. OptiFlood is also available in a LED version (BVP506).With its compact shape and aesthetically pleasing design, OptiFlood can be used in applications where design and appearance are just important as technical performance. In the design, attention has also been focused on the detailing. This has led to integrated 'hidden' hinges, angle adjustment designed as part of the body and a mounting bracket angled to allow more aesthetic integration onto columns.


Kompakt görünüm ve zevkli tasarım
İki tür reflektör – asimetrik veya yol aydınlatma POT optikleri
CosmoPolis metal halojenür ampuller, yüksek basınçlı sodyum lambalar ve MASTERColour CDM Elite MW ampuller bulundurabilir
Ayrıca LED sürümü de mevcuttur


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