Metronomis Berlin

  • Metronomis – bespoke solutions

    • Total solution with both luminaires and supports forming part of a complete, integrated concept
    • Huge range of optical elements and light sources makes it possible to create different atmospheres within the city using a single, perfectly coordinated system
    • Dedicated masts and brackets match the style of the luminaires - five mast designs in steel, aluminum and wood with heights from 3.5 to 12 m


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Ürün ailesi bilgileri

Metronomis is a family of ten highly distinctive luminaires and dedicated supports (masts and brackets), which can be used with a wide variety of optics to provide architects and lighting designers with the total solution needed to create a unified, consistent lighting design that still reflects the differences in urban culture and history. In its daytime appearance, Metronomis integrates harmoniously with any street scene, while its night-time appearance is both functional – guiding people and traffic safely through the city – and decorative, creating a pleasant ambience in city squares and pedestrian precincts. As the current range is based on conventional light sources, four highly innovative, LED-dedicated designs have been developed, echoing the original silhouette but retaining flexibility and modularity as key characteristics. The Metronomis LED range offers a number of new ways to personalize your urban projects. Please check out the Metronomis LED luminaire variants.


Geniş optik eleman ve ışık kaynağı seçenekleri
Özel destek ve direkler – çelik, alüminyum ve ahşap çeşitleriyle beş farklı destek tasarımı, 3,5 m'den 12 m'ye kadar yükseklik seçenekleri


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Ticari merkezler ve iş merkezleri

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